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Quel est le meilleur masque cheveux pour vous ? 3 formules pour différents types de cheveux

Les bienfaits des masques capillaires pour nourrir et même réparer vos cheveux sont bien connus, mais savez-vous comment choisir la formule qui vous convient? Que vos cheveux soient secs ou abîmés, voici comment choisir le meilleur * masque capillaire * pour vous .

What is the best hair mask for you? 3 top formulas for different hair types

The benefits of hair masks for hydrating, nourishing and even repairing your hair are well known, but do you know how to pick the right formula for you? Whether your hair is dry or damaged, here’s how to choose the best *hair mask* for you. 
The effects of hair mask formulas can be broken down into three categories:


1. Hydrating hair mask: the best for dry hair
Those of you with naturally dry hair will know that you need more hydration than an everyday conditioner provides. The best *hair masks for dry hair* contain vitamin-rich ingredients that nourish the hair from follicle to tip, as well as minerals that can improve the hair’s elasticity and strength. For example, Garnier’s Ultra Doux Hair Food formulas in Banana, Papaya, Coconut or Aloe contain natural ingredients that make the most of their high vitamin and mineral content in a delicious blend that your hair will absorb with gusto!

2. Nourishing hair mask: the best for unruly, frizzy or damaged hair
Do you have curly hair that frizzes up at the slightest provocation? Does your thin, straight hair tend to become flyaway and ruin your look? These are common problems for various hair types, and yet they are simple to treat. By applying a *deeply nourishing hair mask* loaded with rich oils or butters, such as Ultra Doux Avocado Oil and Shea Butter Mask or Ultra Doux Mythic Olive Mask, once or twice a week, you will find your hair smoother, more supple and easier to style. 

3. Strengthening hair mask: the best for damaged hair
If you dye your hair, taking extra care of it has the double advantage of nourishing and retaining the colour for longer. The best kind of *hair mask for dyed hair* is one that helps strengthen and protect each strand. Many *hydrating hair masks* will do the job, but there are some that go the extra mile, like Garnier’s Ultra Doux Honey Treasures Mask. This combines Repairing royal jelly known for its strengthening properties and protective propolis a natural sealer made by bees, as well as nourishing Honey known over the ages for leaving the hair light, soft, and supple.