Not just good for having with porridge, honey is also an excellent haircare and skincare ingredient.

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About Honey

 It’s one that Garnier uses in abundance. Originating in Asia, it was once seen as a luxury for wealthy people, times changed and throughout history it’s been loved by everyone from ancient Egyptians to ancient Chinese; it was even used by athletes in ancient Greece who took it before and after sporting events to help improve stamina and to help revive.

Nowadays, as well as being a staple in the kitchen, it’s an incredible natural origin skincare ingredient. Here’s what you need to know… 

Frequently Asked Questions
  • Honey is a substance made of sugars such as glucose, fructose or polysaccharides, water, proteins, minerals and vitamins. We use acacia honey in our products which is particularly rich in fructose and glucose.   
  • Thanks to its composition, honey is a natural humectant – meaning it will help draw moisture into the skin.  
  • It works wonders especially for dry, dehydrated skin types to help moisturize and nourish them. 
  • Honey has excellent benefits for hair, too. It is known to help improve hair quality, and those same humectant properties are great for helping to nourish and reinforce dry, fragile, and broken hair.  

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