Shea Butter Omega 6

Shea butter is a relatively common ingredient in hair, body and skincare that has a whole host of benefits.

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About Shea Butter Omega 6

 It is one that most people have used at one time or another – is proof alone that not only does it work, but it has a whole host of benefits.

Hailing from Africa, shea butter has been used and loved for centuries in communities there for a whole host of reasons, from its ability to nourish, soften and hydrate skin and hair. 

Shea Butter Omega 6
Frequently Asked Questions
  • Shea butter (also called karite butter) is a rich source of fatty acids (between 85% and 90%), containing omega 6 and vitamin E.   

    Our shea butter is responsibly sourced in Burkina Faso through a solidarity sourcing programme. The fruits of the shea tree are harvested by hand, then they are washed and stripped of their pulp to obtain the nuts. The nuts are boiled and shelled to give the kernels. Shea butter is obtained by a pressing and extraction process that preserves its properties.  

    This much-loved ingredient is then created and goes on to be formulated into the products you use every single day. 
  • The shea butter used by GARNIER comes Burkina Faso, a place where the shea tree is considered a national treasure.   

    Since 2014, GARNIER has responsibly sourced 100% of its shea butter in Burkina Faso. 

    GARNIER supports “fair trade” shea nut programs that provide economic resources to women and help to reduce energy poverty and deforestation: 

    – Guarantees fair prices and pre-financing of crops during the period of the year when grain stores are empty, as well as providing training and technical assistance in best practices for harvesting. 

    – Decreases the amount of wood needed, smoke emissions and energy family costs, thanks to improved cookstoves. 
  • The benefits of shea butter in both skin and hair care are endless. It is known for its nourishing, softening, repairing or moisturizing properties. When formulated into body or face moisturizers, it works as an emollient to soften and hydrate skin for even the driest skins, as well as being able to improve and repair the all-important skin barrier, helping protect it against environmental damage. Plus, its fatty acid properties will help nourish, moisturize and detangle coarse, dry hair, and add shine, too.  
  • In short, yes, shea butter is a great choice for most people – especially those that suffer from particularly dry skin or who have very dry, curly hair. It is also often asked whether shea butter is comedogenic, or if it clogs pores. However, it’s not an ingredient that’s described as comedogenic therefore, when it is well formulated, it shouldn’t clog pores.  

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