How to change your hair color online with our Virtual Try On tool

Step 1: Choose your mode to start trying shades on

The best way to test Garnier hair color is to try before you buy! Trying on any shade is now as easy as using a filter, thanks to our Virtual Try On technology. To get started, you need to select whether to try on live with your phone’s camera or webcam, or if you prefer to upload a selfie. Either works great!

Step 2: Browse to find the shade that suits you

Your virtual hair makeover awaits! Flip through all our shades, compare your favs and find the perfect hair color for you without committing. Make sure you have good lighting and are using your native browser for the best experience.

Step 3: Shop or share with your friends

Time for the verdict! Save the image to send to your friends or share your new virtual look straight to social media to see their reaction. If you’ve found the perfect shade, you can buy it now with our online retail partners or in store.

Check out Virtual Try on, the Garnier Hair Color Makeover tool. Trying a new hair color shade has never been easier, change your hair color online in 3 simple steps to find the shade that suits you!

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