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How to straighten hair with minimal damage? Our 4 top tips for protection

We all know that heat styling isn’t great for our hair, but sometimes you just can’t resist the urge to straighten your locks. Luckily, there are preventative measures that you can take to minimise damage. Simply start with clean hair, detangle thoroughly before you begin, use a smoothing product, and apply heat protection spray.

How to straighten hair with minimal damage? Our 4 top tips for protection

It’s a common styling conundrum: how can I get straight hair without causing heat damage? It turns out that protecting your tresses from heat is a balance of using the right products and the right method. Here are four tricks to keep up your sleeve to *minimise damage* when *straightening your hair*.

Cleanliness is key

Start with super-clean hair. Applying heat to hair with build-up from previous styling products is a no-no. Use a residue-free shampoo and a smoothing conditioner for the best results, making sure to rinse all products out thoroughly before you take out the tongs.

No more knots

Next up is getting your hair as smooth as possible before the *hair straighteners* even touch it. This way, the irons will just slide down your tresses, avoiding any of the snags that over-concentrate heat on one spot, causing damage. Use Ultra Doux Avocado Oil & Shea Butter Leave-in Cream to get your tresses off to a smooth, snag-free start.

The smoother, the better

To limit or prevent damage – and, not to mention, save time – use a product that stretches out your natural curls or waves. This will help to speed up the straightening process and *minimise contact with heat*. Stretching your hair also means you can turn down the temperature of the iron – another plus for damage prevention.

Protect yourself

When it comes to preventing damage, *heat protection* is a must. Right before you straighten, apply Ultra Doux Nurturing Almond Milk Hydrating Leave-in Milk to guard against high temperatures. It’s also best to straighten your hair in small sections. The smaller the section, the more effective your straightening – decreasing the chances you’ll need to run the irons through more than once. Not only does this guard against damage, but you’ll end up with more consistently straightened hair, too – a little-known secret to keeping your hair straight for longer. Partially straightened curls or waves revert more quickly to their natural state, shortening the life of your straight style.

Follow these steps to protect your hair from heat damage and create a smooth, long-lasting, salon-fresh look.