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What hairstyles best suit my face shape? Our top 7 styles for different faces

Choosing the right hairstyle for you often depends on your face shape and whether you have a long face, oval face or heart-shaped face. Luckily, there’s no need to guess what style will look great on you you with our handy guide to 7 styles that best suit different face shapes.

What hairstyles best suit my face shape? Our top 7 styles for different faces

The secret to a great hairstyle isn't just the look itself, it's also about how well it works on you. Your face shape is the biggest decider in ensuring your new 'do suits you – so before you pencil in that cut, here's a guide to the *best hairstyles for your face shape*.
Pixie cut
Textured mid-length
Big bouncy waves
Layered bob
Long, layered and straight
Face framing bob

1. The pixie cut for oval faces

Pretty much any *hairstyle suits an oval face shape*, thanks to its natural symmetry, although, some are better than others for highlighting your features. If you love short hair, go for a pixie cut: for a dramatic look, make the fringe asymmetrical and add a tousled crown. On super curly hair, try a dramatic close cut, faded at the nape with a little height on top, perfect for showing off curls.
2. The fringe for oval faces
Fringes tend to complement *oval-shaped faces* very nicely. Whether it’s centre-parted, side-parted or choppy, combine your fringe with long, straight hair for a simple, classic style that will frame your face beautifully. Your strands need to be pristine for this look, so a nourishing smoothing routine is key: try the Garnier Ultra Doux Avocado Oil & Shea Butter range designed for deep hydration and taming unruly tresses.
3. The textured mid-length for oval faces
Whilst many styles suit oval faces, stylists generally recommend against one-length or extremely long, as your face can get lost in them. That’s why some textured layers in a mid-length cut can give you a low-maintenance style that makes the most of your face shape. 
4. Bouncy waves for long faces
Ideally, *hairstyles for long faces* shouldn't exaggerate the length of your face. Medium-length hair with big bouncy waves complements longer faces very well by adding balance. The texture and volume widen the face and break up its length. Accentuate natural waves by keeping hair hydrated and diffusing or air-drying it. Alternatively, fake your curls by plaiting damp hair overnight for a heatless wavy look. As hydration makes for better definition, moisture is a must with this style. Reach for the flexible formula of Nourishing Banana Hair Food, which can be used as a regular hot oil bath, hair mask or leave-in cream.
5. The layered bob for long faces
Give your layered bob a side-parted fringe for another *hair option for long faces*. Layers add volume and balance, while the fringe interrupts the length of your face. Choose a fringe that falls just below the eyebrows for optimum impact!
6. Long, layered and straight for heart-shaped faces
Finding a style that complements your high cheekbones can be tricky if you have a heart-shaped face. Look for styles that make the chin look fuller and de-emphasise the forehead. Long, layered straight hair frames heart-shaped faces well – add a centre parting and curled-under ends for a chic twist. 

7. A face-framing bob or crop for heart-shaped faces
The face-framing bob, longer up front and shorter at the back, set off with a sultry side parting, is another great style for heart-shaped faces. This hairstyle shows off those stunning cheekbones, balancing the chin and forehead. Or, if you feel like going even shorter, a cropped cut works well with your face type too, to accentuate your bone structure.