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Cool contrast: 4 top colour and haircare tips for olive-skinned women with blonde hair

For women with olive skin, striking blonde hair is a show-stopping look. Here’s how to achieve the perfect shade and protect your strands.

Cool contrast: 4 top colour and haircare tips for olive-skinned women with blonde hair

Blonde hair is not just reserved for light-skinned women. Those with olive skin are choosing lighter shades to complement their golden tones. So many women of all races hear how difficult it is to lighten their locks, but that doesn’t mean you should miss out on a fabulous experience. It’s all about knowing the facts before you jump in. Read on to reap those sweet blonde rewards! 


1. Pick your blonde

As with anyone looking to dye their hair blonde, you need to pick your shade carefully. First of all, consider how dark your skin and hair are, this will help you find a shade that will suit your tone and colouring. 


To find a shade that’ll work the best for you, consider your skin’s undertones. This will be either warm, cool or neutral, and it’s fairly easy to figure out which one you have. Think about the kinds of colours that suit you best. Do you go for purple lipsticks? Do your eyes pop more with blue-green shades? Then think about a rose-gold hair colour. A warm honey works best for those who look better in reds and pinks. Once your hair is lightened, you can play around with different blondes at home. Try oil-based permanent dyes that will be gentle on your hair, like the Garnier Olia line. Always remember to do a patch test 48 hours in advance of dying your hair. 


2. How to avoid orange or golden tones

Lightening your hair can bring out its natural warm undertones. If these golden and orange tones are something you want to avoid then be sure to choose a shade with less 'reflect'. Like all Garnier hair colours, every Color Naturals shade is labelled according to both the base colour and reflect to help you choose the right shade for you. The first 'base' number refers to the colour’s lightness (1-10 from black to very light blonde). The second, after the dot, is called the 'reflect' (1-6 from ash to red). It’s this number that shows you how 'warm' or 'red-toned' the colour will be. 


3. Wash your hair the right way!

To make the most of your new vibrant colour, rinse it out the right way. With Garnier Color Naturals, the hair colour itself acts as a shampoo, so there is no need to wash your hair straight after dyeing. It is recommended that you apply a little water to your hair and gently massage to emulsify the colourant. Afterwards, simply rinse your hair thoroughly until the water runs clear. Don’t forget to pay particular attention to your hairline and behind your ears. For the best results, you should use the provided conditioner after rinsing for a silky smooth and hydrated finish.  


4. Take care of your hair

Once you have followed the product instructions and achieved your new colour, you need to focus on after care. A nourishing care regimen is key for healthy, strong locks before, during and after dyeing. Cut down on shampooing to once a week or less. Avoid heat styling when possible and use protective products. Apply a hydrating hair mask once a week, such as Garnier Hair Food, and stick with products specifically designed for your type of hair.  


Get inspired by these tips and check out the range of Color Naturals blonde hair dyes to plan your new head-turning look.