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How do you choose the right Olia hair colour for you? Follow these 5 simple tips 

Switching up your shade? To really nail that perfect transformation, it’s important to pick an Olia hair colour that’ll perfectly complement you – and nourish your locks. 

How do you choose the right Olia hair colour for you? Follow these 5 simple tips 

Changing up your colour? There’s a whole world of shades out there to choose from. For a dye that nourishes while it colours, look to the *Olia hair colour* range. With 23 shades – from Super Light Beige Blonde to Night Black – here’s how to find your perfect match. 


1. Know your complexion

Complexion is key when it comes to choosing a new Olia *hair colour shade* that will suit you. Skin with warm undertones calls for soft, caramel, earthy hues. Think fiery copper, or embrace honey blonde hair dye or a dark chestnut. If you have cool undertones, you’re better suited to ashy blondes and violet-toned browns and reds. 


2. Bring out your eyes

The eyes are the windows to the soul, as they say, so make sure that they stand out. Green-eyed gals cut a striking path when they step out with fiery red locks, while caramel blonde shades bring out the best in blue eyes.  


3. Match your style

Your hair colour is an extension of your personality, so don’t shy away from bold colours if that’s what you love! The *Olia hair dye instructions* are simple to follow, so you’ll be a rocking a rich red in no time at all.  


4. Use the shade finder

The Olia shade finder is a simple way to help you pick your perfect colour. Head to the website and answer two simple questions: “What is your natural hair colour?” and “Do you have any grey hair?” Then, choose from the multiple choice answers and the Olia shade finder will determine your best matches. 


5. Take to technology

Tap into tech with the Garnier Color Match app. Upload selfies to the app and see how you look with different hair colours before you stock up on hair dye. The app automatically detects your current shade and natural tone to recommend the products best suited to you, whether that’s *Olia blonde hair dye*, a bold red or a classic darker colour. 


Make your next colour change stress-free with *Olia hair colour*.