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How to get hair dye off your face? It’s easy if you follow our 5-step tutorial  

How to get hair dye off your face? 1: Gather a few items. 2: Act fast. 3: Soap and water. 4: An exfoliating scrub. 5: Oil-based cleanser and overnight moisturiser

How to get hair dye off your face? It’s easy if you follow our 5-step tutorial

How do you *get hair dye off your face* in a hurry? Is your hair dye pampering session spoilt by some leftover stains? Dyeing your hair is always fun, but it can easily be marred by little mishaps. When this happens, just follow our five simple steps for putting it right.  


Step 1: preparation to minimise mishaps

Prepare by lining up the tools you’ll need to *get hair dye off your face* in case of little spills: a face cloth, makeup removal pads, soap, an exfoliating face wash, an oil-based cleanser and moisturiser. 


Step 2: act fast

Immediately use a damp flannel to clean away any stray dye that gets on your face as you go. This won’t remove it completely, but it will minimise the stain. Then, after rinsing, conditioning and drying your hair, put your plan into action fast if you see any errant stains.  


Step 3: soap and water, the simplest and best solution

Use your normal face wash, then rinse. This should always be your first line of defence for *getting hair dye off your face*. To get hair dye off clothes, the same principle applies. Soak immediately in water, pre-treat with a stain-remover and wash as you normally do.  


Step 4: next, an exfoliating scrub

An exfoliating scrub is designed to remove dead cells from the surface of your skin. Used as soon as possible after soap and water, it removes dry cells that have absorbed the dye, leaving clean skin underneath.  


Step 5: Finally, an oil-based cleanser and overnight moisturiser

What to do if some hair dye stain still remains on your skin? Massage thoroughly with an oil-based cleanser and follow up with a rich, moisturising overnight mask. You’ll wake up to your lovely new hair shade and clear skin with no tell-tale signs! 


Why do you need to get hair dye off your face?

Little mishaps can occur. Whether you go bold blonde with Olia, try a daring shade or cover those greys with Garnier Color Naturals, these tips will sort out any problems. If you’re new to the adventure, have a look at the How-To videos on Garnier’s YouTube channel to see just how easy it is.