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How to slow down red hair fading? 5 tips to keep your colour vibrant for longer 

Reduce red hair fading with these top 5 tips that take you from selecting the right dye, through to the right shampoo, conditioner and hair care routine.  

How to slow down red hair fading? 5 tips to keep your colour vibrant for longer 

Whether you’ve gone for *burgundy*, *copper*, *auburn*, *cherry* or a *dark red* shade, there’s one big question that all redheads find themselves facing: how do you keep that rich and vivid shade from feeling the fade? After spending time and effort achieving your ravishing red hair, you've started to enjoy the head-turning attention. Exciting, isn't it? But protecting that eye-catching colour and taking action against your *red hair fading* now needs to be at the top of your hair care list. Ever wondered why red hair in particular falls prey to the fading problem? Read on to discover why, and, most importantly, how to reduce it with these *tips for hair* that’s dyed red.  


1. The healthier your hair is, the better


Fading is a particular problem when it comes to red hair. It’s a more chromatic colour (a colour in which one particular wavelength or *hue* predominates) and so fading can be more visible than with other colours. That’s why it's extra important to keep your hair in good condition. You should resist the urge to over-wash and try to avoid UV exposure as much as possible. Choose your hair dye carefully to best care for your hair. Go for the ammonia-free Olia range, which offers permanent vibrant hair colour while protecting your hair, thanks to a unique formula of 60 per cent nourishing plant oils. Get the basics right, and the rest will be easier! 


2. The right way to clean red hair


To prevent *red hair fading*, you should aim to wash your hair as infrequently as possible, ideally no more than twice a week. Instead, you can always use a dry shampoo on the intervening days, if necessary. The shampoo you use is also important. Specially designed for this concern, colour protection shampoos can help to fight the tendency to fade.   


3. Proper protection


You’ve all seen what sunlight does to fabrics, and to your skin, so you can only imagine the damage it can do to your hair colour. It's just as important to protect your hair from damaging rays as it is for your skin. Use a styling product that contains UV protection filters, or failing that, at least cover up with a hat.  


4. Turn to Mother Nature


Whilst they may not directly fight the fade, there are plenty of formulas with nourishing natural ingredients that will generally protect and condition your hair to keep it in good shape. Within a specially blended formula, natural oils such as sunflower oil and avocado oil can all give your hair a helping hand. You can even incorporate them during the colouring process with Color Naturals. You’ll discover colour that packs a punch and is enriched in a nourishing blend of triple fruit oils – avocado, olive, and shea.  


5. Get into gloss


A gloss application on top of your original colour treatment won’t necessarily help prevent fade, but it can make your hair look shinier and healthier in between colouring. Even better, you can get glossy results from the comfort of your own home! It goes on like a conditioner in the shower, and you leave it in until your next shampoo.