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What is an oil-based hair dye and what are its benefits when dyeing hair blonde? 

What is an oil-based hair dye and why should you use one if you’ve got dark hair but want to dye your hair blonde? Here are 4 benefits of plant-powered hair dye! 

What is an oil-based hair dye and what are its benefits when dyeing hair blonde? 

You can’t help noticing that blonde hair is all the rage and shows no signs of going out of fashion. Many people often wonder, can you *dye your hair blonde* even if your natural colour is dark? The simple answer is yes, and we’re about to tell you why oil-based hair dye may just be your best ally when choosing to *go from brunette to blonde*. 

What is oil-based hair dye?


The great news is that there has been a major breakthrough in formulas designed for *dyeing dark hair blonde*: and that breakthrough is oil-powered permanent hair dye! This leap in the development of less damaging *hair dyes* is thanks to harnessing the naturally nourishing protection of plant oil power. It’s long been known that plant oils are great for conditioning hair and moisturising skin. Now experts at Garnier have discovered that they can do much more. Olia hair dye is based on a concentration of 60% plant oils, and its oil delivery system actually helps to boost the colouring process. The reason it’s extra good for your hair is because this new way of colouring allows for the elimination of ammonia, which works by opening the hair cuticle to allow the dye to enter into the shaft. The specialist oil delivery system utilised by oil-based hair dye means you can still expect the same bold colour, but with less stress to your hair. 


4 benefits of using oil-based hair dye for dyeing hair blonde


It doesn’t dry out or damage healthy hair and spoil that lovely shine. In fact, Olia’s deeply nurturing, enriching formula visibly improves hair quality and actively enhances softness and vitality.

The beauty of Olia oil-based hair dye is that you can forget those old worries about breakages and fragile hair, because the formula is ammonia free. This means that the damaging factors are eliminated and the penetrating power of the oil can actually increase the strength and flexibility of your hair. Happily, this holds true even when you *dye your hair blonde* from a starting point of naturally dark hair.

*Dyeing your hair blonde* with an oil-based formula such as Olia is an enjoyable sensory experience! Gone is that ammonia smell, replaced by a delicate floral fragrance. A velvety cream texture with no drips makes for a no-mess process. 

Olia’s maximum colour performance delivers powerful coverage, which is great when you’re going blonde from brunette and dark hair colours, as well as offering up to 100% grey coverage. 

So even with dark hair, just choose your shade, grab your Olia pack and you can look forward to a shiny new blonde you