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Worried about your hair roots? Here’s everything you need to know to hide them 

Are you worried about your hair roots showing through after your last dye job? Don’t fret, just read this helpful guide for tips on the best ways to hide your roots. 

Worried about your hair roots? Here’s everything you need to know to hide them 

Whether you colour your hair to cover greys, pep up your natural shade or suit your mood of the moment, those roots will always creep back in. Read on for the answers to five common questions about *hair roots*.  


1. How often should I re-dye my roots?


On average, hair grows about 12.7 mm a month, but it's not uncommon for some hair to grow at a fraction of – or even double – that rate. Greys usually start becoming noticeable at about 10-12 mm, so if you have an *average growth rate*, you'll likely need to colour your roots monthly. If you’re lucky enough to have naturally *fast-growing hair*, you'll need to deal with your roots more often.  


2. Should I use a special root dye?


You don't need a special dye to cover your roots; a smaller amount of normal dye is fine. Just do a discreet patch test to make sure your *root colour* will match the rest of your hair. To make dyeing your roots easier, look for easy-application colour, like Garnier Color Naturals, which comes in a creamier, drip-free formula you can spot-apply to your root area without any mess.  


3. How can I avoid a patchy colour?


To get worry-free *full coverage of your roots*, opt for an oil-based formula like Garnier Olia, which is made from 60% plant oil and ensures effective colour delivery. Color Naturals similarly incorporates a shea, avocado and olive oil blend for enhanced colour results. These formulas spread through the hair, deeply penetrating your locks to provide a better coverage. 


4. How can I stretch the time between colour applications?


Being savvy about your colour choices will help you extend the time between touch-ups. Sticking to shades that are close to your natural colour means that your roots will be less noticeable, giving you more time to deal with them. If you want to cover greys, consider adding lighter coloured highlights to help camouflage silvery roots. 


Follow these tips and keeping your *hair roots* under control will be a breeze.