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How to combat dry skin: 6 reasons to use a sheet mask for intense skin hydration

Looking for intense skin hydration? 6 reasons why you should use sheet masks as a power shot of moisture – anytime, almost anywhere, including on the go!

How to combat dry skin: 6 reasons to use a sheet mask for intense skin hydration

Suffering from dry skin? In need of some intense hydration? A *sheet mask* could be perfect for you! Here are 6 reasons why you should treat yourself to a sheet mask: a new concept in the ultimate *moisturising face mask*.

1. Intense skin hydration

Sheet or tissue masks consist of a thin sheet saturated with beneficial ingredients. They’re specially designed to moisturise deeply and promote absorption. You can use one at the end of a long day or as a weekend treat to give your skin a power shot of hydration. 

2. Easy to transport

One major advantage of this type of *moisturising face mask* is its convenient size! *Sheet masks* are individually packed – perfect for travelling. You can have a moment of intense skin hydration after a long, air-conditioned flight or a day spent out in the sun. Since sheet masks take up hardly any space, you can now have deeply moisturised skin both at home and away. 

3. Quick, easy and fuss-free

Sheet masks are a quick solution for freshening up your skin and keeping it in immaculate condition. Simply apply the mask for 10-15 minutes and enjoy the fresh sensation. Let your skin absorb all of the essential ingredients. There’s no need to rinse afterwards! Once the sheet mask is removed, massage any excess product into your skin.

4. Smoother and more radiant skin for all skin types

Whether you have normal, combination, dry or even sensitive skin, you can restore your face's luminosity by locking in moisture. Pamper sensitive skin with the Hydra Bomb Super-Hydrating Soothing Tissue Mask for guaranteed gentle purification with a boost of hydration and freshness. The Hydra Bomb Tissue Mask With Pomegranate Extract is perfect for soothing and hydrating sensitive skin. The anti-thirst effect of a tissue mask ensures your skin stays intensely hydrated for 24 hours, leaving it smooth, healthy, and radiant. 

5. A natural, healthy glow

Most sheet masks reinforce the skin's natural barrier, promoting and preserving healthy-looking skin. This means that your skin is better protected from external damage that can cause dullness. Restore your radiance with the Garnier SkinActive Fresh-Mix Sheet Mask with Vitamin C, a mask freshly mixed by you, to plump up and smooth skin for that all-important healthy glow.

6. A ‘Second Skin'

Some sheet masks work by creating a "second skin". Their breakthrough stretch-to-fit technology works to release serum gradually and continuously for ultimate hydration. Cut to fit all face shapes, these masks are designed for comfort and are easy to wear, making them an excellent addition to your beauty bag.