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What’s the best hydrating face mask if you have dry skin? 3 top choices

If you’re struggling with dry, itchy skin, you’re in need of a product with deep moisturising and nourishing properties. Why not try a hydrating face mask?

What’s the best hydrating face mask if you have dry skin? 3 top choices

With the never-ending range of skincare products available these days, how do you know which ones are the best for you? If you’re looking for a product to help with dry skin, the choice is about to get much easier. Spending 10 minutes on a *hydrating face mask* can turn your average night at home into a relaxing and refreshing spa-like experience, with amazing benefits for your skin. Here's the rundown on the different types of masks and which one will work best for your dry skin. 
Cream masks
Gel masks
Sheet masks

Cream face masks: deeply nourishing

*Cream masks* have been making an appearance at girls’ nights in for many decades. Made up of different *moisturising and nourishing oils*, they come in either rinse-off or leave-on versions. There are cream masks specifically designed for sensitive, dry or oily complexions, and depending on the formula they often include ingredients such as shea butter or natural oils. 

Gel face masks: a lighter option

*Gel masks* are a lighter way to hydrate the skin, as opposed to a heavier cream mask. They are a great choice for adding moisture in the form of water, rather than oils – if you have dry, acne-prone skin, then this is an ideal way to hydrate without heaviness. 

Sheet masks: a more modern choice

*Sheet masks* are newer to the European beauty scene than the other types but are quickly rising in popularity. Made of a tissue material that’s been soaked in nourishing ingredients, they offer a no-mess, no-fuss way to boost your skin. Different masks will have different effects; hydrating, purifying or soothing depending on their formulas. All you need to do is apply the mask to your face, peel off the protective film (if the mask has one), and adjust to fit your face. Then, simply remove the mask and put it in the bin. Check out the innovative formulas of Garnier’s Hydrabomb Pomegranate *Hydrating Tissue Mask*, Hydrabomb Super-Hydrating Soothing Tissue Mask and Hydrabomb Green Tea Hydrating Tissue Mask – their freshly mixed serum-style formulas include natural ingredients that rehydrate your skin and bring radiance back to your face.