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Why is a charcoal face mask a great way to remove sebum and impurities?

Get the lowdown on how using a face mask with active charcoal can help to remove excess sebum and impurities and give you an ultra-clean, fresh-faced look.

Why is a charcoal face mask a great way to remove sebum and impurities?

Charcoal is an incredibly versatile ingredient that has been used around the world for centuries, for everything from barbecue fuel to sketching tool or water filtration. But what is it that makes this ingredient different from any other, and how can it be used in skin care? 

What makes charcoal so effective?
The answer can be found in its chemical structure. Active charcoal is the result of a non-chemical process in which charcoal is heated at a very high temperature. This gives the substance a larger surface area and an even higher porosity than before, meaning that a tiny amount of active charcoal can mop up a significant amount of oils and impurities. 

How does charcoal work on skin?
What has this got to do with face care, you may be wondering? Can an ingredient that is routinely used in hospitals to clear toxins from the system have the same effect on skin? In a word, yes! The basic idea behind it is that charcoal which has been treated in this way acts like a magnet to attract and adsorb dirt and oil. So rather than merely washing away these impurities, it actually adsorbs them. The unwanted materials become part of the charcoal, which is itself then washed away. 

How to make use of charcoal in your daily routine
Charcoal’s valuable absorbent properties have been increasingly recognised in recent years and it is now included in a whole plethora of beauty products. Because it acts effectively to *remove sebum* (the moisturising oils your skin naturally produces), this highly effective ingredient can be found in face cleansers, make-up removers, hair masks and more. In the context of *charcoal face masks*, active charcoal can be a very powerful part of a balanced formula. If you’re looking for a product with extra moisturising properties, try the Charcoal and Algae Hydrating Face Sheet Masks, both of which are infused with special serums designed to purify, comfort and hydrate your skin in just 15 minutes. 

Charcoal can also be used in combination with salicylic acid, which dissolves excess sebum and the pore-blocking plugs that can result from this unpleasant build-up. It also has anti-bacterial properties. A great multipurpose product that includes both salicylic acid and blueberry extract is Garnier’s Pure Active Intensive 3 in 1 Charcoal Blackhead Mask/Wash/Scrub. This is a *charcoal face mask* which can *remove sebum*, purify, exfoliate and reduce shine without leaving your skin feeling parched or tight.

If you struggle with acne or just want to help your skin regain its healthy glow, an active charcoal scrub just might be the solution your skincare routine has been waiting for.